Mr Casmir Igbokwe is currently the Editor of The Union Newspaper. He started his journalism career in 1997 with TheNews magazine. He joined The Punch Newspaper in 2003 where he rose to become the Editor of Sunday Punch. He left The Punch in January 2013 as a Senior Member of the Editorial Board. He became the pioneer Editor of Hallmark Daily Newspaper between January 2013 and March 2014. Mr Igbokwe has a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and master’s in International Journalism from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. The award-winning journalist was a Chevening scholar. He is also a member of the Nigerian Guild of Editors.


  1. 1
    Valentine John Obasi Says:

    Hello Chief Igbokwe,

    I stumbled upon your blog or commentaries and liked same.
    Of particular interest to me are your references to Warren Buffet and reflections on the Obama election.

    Well, I am your brother from Imo State but a US citizen and resident of California.
    Both individuals that you alluded to are close to me, Obama more so than Buffet.

    To cut to the chase, here it goes:

    1) I guide Obama on both political and spiritual issues.
    I can give you the whole laundry list or a litany of the undeniable
    deeds in the outcome of the last election.We communicate frequently.
    I have asked him to be very kind to Nigeria during his administration, and he promised he shall …. and he will. After this,
    Barack called on the Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yaradua last Thursday to initiate an on-going talk for the advancement of Nigeria in technology, economy, education, etc.

    2) Regarding Warren Buffet, I recommended him to Obama for business advisory.

    Here is why I contacted you.

    I was an investment banker here for 17 years. Albeit, there is the soft economy here in the US, Golden and unheard-of opportunities abound.
    The best so far is in Rental Real Estate here in Southern California where I live. You can buy a property today and have positive cashflow immediately. Yes, so much so that your mortgage is paid for; the tenants pay it. Then, you may even have net cash to you every month above and beyond the mortgage wash.

    The rents here are going up. The government bailout is pretty much in play. The market doldrum shall be furiously waning by end of March 2009. The best time to get in is now.
    Houses and apartment complexes are discounted here in Southern Cal by 50% or more. And, if we purchase them directly from the banks, which is my intention, the deal is even better.

    There are no risks on your principal as it is collateralized by the currently appraised underlying property.
    You will, to the contrary, gain immediate equity.
    Your money shall be outperforming stocks on the average 4:1 ratio.
    Plus, immediate equity and future appreciation in value.

    And, if you are as close to the White House, as I am, then you would know that the timing could not have been better.
    And, like Warren Buffet, buy now when the people are nervously
    feverish; and if you can afford it, be a bit greedy, too.

    Your share of cashflow can be deposited into your bank account, here in the US, there in the UK or even out there in Nigeria.
    Or, re-invest.

    Prices are so affordable and $200,000 to $400,000 purchase can surely make a guy wealthy Use any multiplier digit to envision the latitude of the wealth accummulation.

    Please, contact me soonest for futher discussion on this.
    And, have a wonderful day!


    P.s. I can arrange for you to visit here and see things for yourself… if you want. And, if you can, hook me up with any good RE investment in Abuja.

    Phone: 858-437-7154
    Fax: 858-923-2211
    Email: vmetro777@yahoo.com

  2. 2
    Janine Says:

    I have seen that you wrote about the london boys in isuofia…lol…you know i have just returned from my first vacation ever in nigeria..and i actually went to isuofia…what a lovely town, and what lovely people…but you are right…ego is very important…and one is not afraid to show off what you have (which for me – european is not quite common) …thnx for the text, it really made me smile.



  3. 3
    Josiah Umar Says:

    can one send an article to be published

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