Yar’Adua: Some Nigerians need deliverance

Casmir Igbokwe

The counselling and deliverance blues between former President Olusegun Obasanjo and some Christian leaders need further exploration here. The aim is not to explore the abracadabra of exorcism by self-proclaimed men of God. The main intention is to use the concept as a peg to examine the intrigues that trailed the demise of President Umaru Yar’Adua last Wednesday. Those caught in the web of the ignominy will be recommended for physical deliverance.

Recall that the Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna chapter, had reportedly condemned Obasanjo for his recent comment that even Jesus Christ would not be able to conduct undisputed elections in Nigeria. The CAN leaders and some other Christians saw the statement as blasphemous. They recommended deliverance for the former President. When journalists confronted the Ota farmer last week at the Murtala Muhammed Airport for his reaction to the criticisms, he said it was the Christian leaders and the journalists that needed deliverance.

Truly, Obasanjo needs deliverance especially from the Yar’Adua bondage.  It’s possible that the late President could have still been alive today if he had not been dragged into the presidential race by Obasanjo. After a stressful period as the governor of Katsina State, six months of which he spent in the hospital, Yar’Adua needed to go back to his family and rest.

But Obasanjo had his game plan. The rumour then was that he wanted a third term in office. There was a groundswell of opposition against this move. Even his deputy, Atiku Abubakar, who also had the ambition of becoming the president, opposed the third term bid.

Apparently to get back at Atiku and some other Nigerians who opposed him, Obasanjo pushed Yar’Adua forward. He became his de facto campaign manager. Nigerians rarely saw or heard from their would-be president. In March 2007, Yar’Adua fell ill and was flown to a German hospital. The rumour mill came out with the tale that he had died. That was when Obasanjo had his famous telephone conversation with him, asking him, “Umoru, are you dead?” His singular decision to impose Yar’Adua on Nigerians in spite of his ill-health was what brought us to the mess we found ourselves in the last six months.

Also in need of deliverance are those aides and family members who used Yar’Adua as a pawn in their selfish chessboard. One of them is Yar’Adua’s Special Adviser on National Assembly Matters, Mohammed Abba-Aji. In the heat of the man’s illness last year, Abba-Aji kept telling us one fairy tale after another. At a point, he told Nigerians point-blank that Yar’Adua would not only return a healthy person, but would also complete his tenure and contest for a second term. His ignoble roles helped in heating up the polity.

What of the former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Michael Aondoakaa? Before President Goodluck Jonathan clipped his wings by removing him as the Attorney-General, Aondoakaa was among the so-called Yar’Adua’s kitchen cabinet who tried covertly to frustrate the emergence of Jonathan as the acting President. He once said that the sick President could exercise his powers from any part of the world. For this and some other roles he played during Yar’Adua’s sojourn in Saudi Arabia, he has already received his deliverance.

Turai Yar’Adua is another person that deserves mention here. Apparently to continue to answer Lolo (First Lady), she hid her husband from the public. From President Jonathan to ministers down to governors, nobody could see the late President. Even when she brought the man back to Nigeria, it was done under cover of darkness.

This gave room for more rumours and half truths. Some claimed Yar’Adua could walk, talk, and drink tea. Some said he could exercise. Perhaps, to convince us that all was well with the late president, his family brought four Islamic and four Christian clerics to interact with him. The Muslim leaders emerged triumphantly to announce that the man shook hands with them and sat on a dining chair without any support. These people need deliverance.

One way or the other, the lies and the intrigues helped in fast forwarding the death of Yar’Adua. If Turai, for instance, had not allowed ambition to overwhelm her, the late President, perhaps, could have received further treatment in a better hospital in Europe or the United States. He would not have been quarantined in a secluded society like Saudi Arabia and he would not have been rushed home to die the way he did. If the so-called cabal had not deceived Nigerians into believing that their President was recovering and would soon return home, perhaps, Nigerians would have offered sound suggestions that could have salvaged the situation.

The lesson for us here is to redefine our values as a people. The president or anybody aspiring to that office or other public offices should be ready at all times to disclose the state of their health. Those who thrive on deception and fraud should have no place in our new republic.

People like Senator Sani Yerima who hide under religion to lure young girls to their beds should be sent for deliverance before being readmitted to the new republic. Some of these girls have been so brainwashed that they see marrying old men as a virtue.

 It was amusing, for instance, to read that some girls protested against the Child Rights Act in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State last week. The demonstration was in support of Yerima who allegedly took a 13-year-old Egyptian girl as a wife recently. One of the demonstrators, a13-year-old girl, Maryam Mohammed, was quoted to have said that she was ready to marry since her religion allows marriage from the age of nine. A member of the state House of Assembly, Kabiru Pas, spoke to the demonstrators on behalf of the Speaker. He vowed that the House would never entertain such issues as the child rights bill in its hallowed chambers. See what indoctrination can do to a people!

Jonathan really has a lot of work to do as regards strengthening democracy and rule of law in Nigeria. His priority for now should be to engender electoral and political reforms in the country. 

If from 2011, people are sufficiently aware of their rights in places like Zamfara; if nobody can manipulate the votes of well-informed Nigerians; and if the political system weeds out those who have shady characters from even contesting for any position, then we can say we have arrived.

But if after the reforms and the enlightenment of the citizenry, some people prefer to vote a Yerima or an unhealthy person as president, then so be it.

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