More money, rich libido

Casmir Igbokwe

Published Sunday, 17 February, 2008

When Sean Dubowik tattooed his manhood with the words, “Hot Rod,” he did not realise the ridicule that action would bring him later. Last December, the strip club owner found himself at the prestigious Mayo Clinic based in Scottsdale, United States, for a gallbladder surgery. A surgeon in the hospital, Dr Adam Hansen, did not only perform the surgery on Dubowik, he also took a photo of the man’s manhood during the operation. A member of the surgical staff reportedly leaked the information to a local newspaper. Feeling greatly embarrassed, the management of the hospital promptly suspended Hansen and instituted an enquiry into the case.

This, however, is not about Dubowik and his photo doctor, Hansen. Rather, I wish to borrow the doctor’s camera to view the sexual drive among the rich and the famous in our midst. It is more relevant now that some people still have a hangover of what has become known as St. Valentine’s Day. Moreover, February is generally regarded as the month of love. It is a month even birds purportedly choose their lovers and engage in high sex.

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, gave us a tip of what to expect this month. On 2 February, he got married to an ex-model, Carla Bruni. Earlier last October, the President and his former wife, Cecilia, had formally announced their divorce. Cecilia is also an ex-model. On the eve of Valentine Day, the world’s media was agog with the latest story of Sarkozy’s love life. According to the story, Sarkozy’s lawyer, Thierry Herzog, denied a media report, which claimed that the President sent a text message to his former wife imploring her to come back to him. As the headline on the BBC News website put it, “Sarkozy ‘never sent Cecilia text.’ ”

At least, Sarkozy is decent enough to go for only former models. In Malaysia, a Health Minister, Chua Soi Lek, chose to be a star character in a sex video. The video showed the man having sex with a female friend in a hotel room. Media reports indicated that the hotel’s Close Circuit Television captured the act. Chua, who resigned shortly after the incident was made public, said whoever exposed the amorous act was not important. “What is most important,” he reportedly said, “is that my family, wife and children have accepted my apology.”

The family of former US President, Bill Clinton, also forgave him for his alleged liaison with Monica Lewinsky. The scandal tainted Clinton’s reputation and almost ruined whatever he achieved as President. Former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt of the US were also reputed for their sexual prowess.

In Nigeria, sexual scandals involving rich, powerful men abound. Some of these men allegedly prefer maidens between the ages of 16 and 18. A former Head of State was once rumoured to have died in the hands of imported prostitutes. Some of our magistrate courts are replete with divorce cases involving high net worth individuals. These cases are hinged mainly on allegations of infidelity. The case of a former President whose son accused of having an affair with his wife is still fresh in our memories. I leave further comment on this pending when the accuser is able to prove before the court that he either caught the accused in the act or he planted somebody who held torchlight when the sexual acts were going on. There are other high profile cases, which I need not recount here.

The question then arises: is there a correlation between wealth or fame and high libido? While searching for an answer to this poser, I stumbled on a report published on the website of the Wall Street Journal on January 23, 2007. The report was based on a survey released in the US by Prince & Associates in conjunction with wealth consultant, Hannah Grove.

According to the survey, 70 per cent of multimillionaires say wealth gives them better sex. Sixty three per cent of rich men and 88 per cent of women respectively attribute better sex to wealth. To men, the report notes, better sex means having more frequent sex with more partners. To women, it means “higher quality” sex (whatever that means.)

The WSJ quoted a New York based sex therapist, Ian Kerner, to have said that wealth equated to better sex principally because money helped to alleviate many of the daily stresses, such as financial stress, that could greatly affect one’s libido. The rich, according to Kerner, travel more. Hence, they have more exotic and adventurous sex lives. “What this tells us,” Prince & Associates founder, Russ Prince, reportedly said, “is that, on the whole, more money equals more magic in bed.”

This is not ruling out temptation by women. Any successful man, be it in business, sports, government or even religion will tell you that coping with ladies is a big challenge. Women tend to have a soft spot for wealth and fame. And so some of them go all out to seduce whoever is seen to be successful. Some prominent clergymen have had cause to complain about ladies who sit in a compromising position before them while pretending to be seeking spiritual guidance. Some male lawmakers have also complained of sexual harassment from women. They say people sell senators’ phone numbers to women for N20, 000 and those of Reps for N10, 000. Those who cannot get these numbers parade the vicinity of the chambers with skimpy dresses as bait to hook their preys.

While the rich contend with increased libido, the poor have more than sex to worry about. Some of them sleep in one room with their wives and children. While mosquito is dealing with a child in the right corner of the room, cockroach is crawling on another in the left corner. Of course, there is no electricity, which means everybody in the room will be dying of heat. When one child is down with malaria, there won’t be enough money to go for proper treatment. They resort to a quack chemist for some drugs some of which may be fake and, hence, complicate the problem.

In this situation, the man turns an emotional wreck; the woman, a nagging housewife. And because it is likely they share their bed, the man becomes sluggish at work. In a study in 2006, Prof. Gerhard Kloesch et al of the University of Vienna note that men who sleep together with their mates don’t sleep well and that this impairs their mental ability the next day. Women who share a bed, on the other hand, are said to sleep more deeply and as such fare better than men.

Perhaps, because of the rising influence of women on men, different institutions have attempted to impose dress codes on them so that men will have their peace. Even the National Assembly is thinking of enacting a law to that effect. However, be it seduction, pornography or high libido, there is no law that will be more effective than self discipline in controlling lasciviousness in our society.     

As the rich and the powerful throttle the globe and enjoy the exotic things of life, it will be good if they could spare a thought for others who don’t have the privilege. Each time a governor, a senator or even a chairman is cavorting with his mistress, let him remember that the majority of his people are hungry and may have lost appetite for sex. All that such people need are good roads, potable water, constant electricity and availability of cheap food. If these are available, there won’t be any problem. Without them, a rich powerful man should not be surprised if, one day, hungry hoodlums invade his hotel room in the night to disrupt his enjoyment with his mistress.


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