Gays and males’ mensrual cycle

 Published in THE PUNCH on 18 December 2006

Casmir Igbokwe

 Whenever a woman goes to the Ladies with a bag, two things seem apparent. It is either that there is something precious she is hiding in her bag, or her monthly period has come. And when it arrives, the majority of women are uncomfortable. Some even fall sick. Ironically, if for any reason the menstrual cycle ceases to flow, they become apprehensive. It is one of the things that biologically distinguish women from men. But, in today’s rapidly changing world, things are turning topsy-turvy. Males have also started menstruating.


For instance, a recent study carried out by Dr. Shmuel Parnes and colleagues at Ben-Gurion University in Israel reportedly discovered that male shrimps also have menstrual cycles. The study found that these shellfish replace their tired, old sperm with fresh ones just as females refresh eggs to prepare for fertilisation. This is said to be the first time males of any species have been found to refresh sperm.


Somehow, some human beings have also displayed this trait. Or was it not rumoured sometime ago that some of our prominent retired generals padded their anus, which allegedly leaked because of their unholy alliances with their fellow men. Perhaps, if medical scientists carry out a serious study on human beings, they may find that the male shrimps’ experience is a minute case.


Last week, I was passing through a marriage registry in Cardiff. As usual, a wedding was going on there. I saw a joyful mood in the people trooping in and out of the place. People were taking photographs, exchanging kisses and hugging one another. On instinct, I decided to stop for some minutes and observe what was going on. It did not take time before a male couple emerged, holding hands and smiling broadly. Camera flashes blinked intermittently. I cringed. Not that I have not heard or read about gay marriage, homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism and other similar words. But, to encounter it face to face, and to see that people were celebrating what ordinarily is seen as an abnormality, was strange to me.


In Britain and elsewhere, gays want recognition. They want equal rights with heterosexuals. They want people to see them as normal human beings. Just as in some questionnaires where people are asked to state their nationality or gender, it is normal now to see questionnaires with such questions as, “Are you a bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual?” You also see these gays openly advertising their activities. In the UK, there are restaurants and pubs designated for them. Some of them have some identification marks. And they have no apologies for that.


In International Students A-Z Guide To Wales 2006/2007, a booklet published by International Students House in London, this normalisation of the abnormal was brought nearer home. According to the booklet, “The many gay festivals and the progress on gay rights are reflective of an established culture of acceptance, tolerance and in many cases celebration of sexuality (lesbian, gay, bi and straight) throughout Britain. Wales is very much a part of this culture and Cardiff, Wales’ largest city, has an exciting and growing gay scene…Gay pubs are often identified by the international rainbow flag outside or in the window.”


It listed some pubs and clubs where gays go to tickle their fancy. Club X on Charles Street is said to be the oldest gay club in Wales. Its extensive facilities range from dance floors, bars, chill out zones, drag queens (whatever that means), DJs and a garden. Eden on High Street is touted to be Wales’ newest and biggest gay venue. Other areas that harbour what this A-Z Guide calls “Cardiff’s flourishing, welcoming gay scene” include Mill Lane, Bute Terrace, Hayes Bridge Road and Caroline Street.


Besides, there are gay publications such as The Gay Times, which reportedly has comprehensive listings for gay and lesbian events; and 3Sixty, a new free publication. There is also the annual gay, lesbian, and bisexual festival, which usually comes up in Cardiff in August.


I am sure Archbishop Peter Akinola of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria must be seething with anger by now. Nauseated by the excessive freedom the Anglican Church in the West is exhibiting in the ordination of gay priests, the Anglican Church in Nigeria threatened to pull out of the worldwide Anglican Communion. A splinter group in the church in America is also threatening to pull out and join the Nigerian bishop as a mark of protest against the same ordination of gay priests in the US.


Nigeria may have exported advance fee fraud and some other crimes to the Western world. But the country still maintains some decency in certain things. There may be gays and lesbians in the country, but they are not as visible as what we are seeing here in the UK. The worrying fact is that even the gay relationships tend to last longer than the normal heterosexual affairs. Each time we see any wedding ceremony in
Cardiff, my classmate and editor of Sunday Independent, Ikechukwu Amaechi, will ask, “How long will the marriage last?” Here, a woman can just decide to divorce his man for reasons as flimsy as not allowing her to watch late night movies.


This is not to say that other societies are free of these maladies. Nigeria has its own peculiar perverts. Or was it not reported last month that the Law Reform Commission was proposing a new law to prohibit bigamy? Stories of sugar daddies defiling young girls abound. Even, some lecherous old women reportedly seek to renew themselves with the fresh blood of young men in some of our cities. 


I am sure the female sanitary towel would have been less expensive if not for gays who may also be using it in some way. Simple economics tells us that the higher the demand, the higher the price. If we continue to live like this, can we claim any intellectual superiority over goats and dogs?  



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