Kim’s deceptive accord with US

Kim Jong Il must be having a good laugh in his room now. Only a die-hard optimist, perhaps, will believe that the North Korean dictator has not sold another dummy to the United States of America and its allies. 

As reported in last week’s Time, North Korea has agreed to shut down its nuclear programme. This was after an exhaustive meeting with the US negotiator, Christopher Hill, on February 13 this year. But can that communist country be trusted?  No! It has reneged on similar agreements in the past. If it could do that in 1994; if it could repeat it for three years under the present administration in Washington; there is no guarantee that it will not do it again with the February 13 accord. 

Like Iran, North Korea delights in proving that it is tough. It is probably the only country still practicing full-scale communism in the world. The dictatorial tendencies of Kim have also driven his citizens to neighbouring countries where they live like slaves. Besides, Kim is afraid of his shadows. He is not comfortable with the pariah status his country has earned in the world. He is highly suspicious of the US and its allies. And like some other dictators, he sees building nuclear weapons as a protective shield against America’s hegemony. 

The lesson here, perhaps, is that insincerity begets deception. America should stop seeing itself as the policeman of the world. There is no justification in stockpiling nuclear weapons and asking other countries to discard theirs. Disarmament should be total. Otherwise, Kim (as shown in the picture illustrating the Time story) will continue to show off his deceptive smile


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