Axis of slavery

Like the legendary Sisyphus, condemned to continuously roll a large stone to the top of a mountain, most North Koreans seem to be in perpetual bondage.  Faced with the reality of dying of hunger, Korean women, as reported in last week’s New Statesman, choose to be sold as brides in
China. There, they become second-class citizens, attending to the sexual and domestic needs of their masters.
This is unacceptable in this 21st century. North Korea, once described as an axis of evil by President George Bush of the
United States, has not realised that the world has moved away from absolute communism. It continues to subject its citizens to untold hardship and deprivation.
 Instead of adopting the economic policies of its more prosperous neighbours, China and South Korea,
Pyongyang continues to delude itself by building nuclear weapons. Will nuclear weapons feed its citizens? Will they bring prosperity, which the country desperately needs?

I do not think so. The repressive policies of that communist country are resulting in its continuous isolation by other countries of the world. Such countries as
Zimbabwe, which adopt similar unpopular policies, are finding it increasingly difficult to feed their citizens and maintain a cordial relationship with the rest of the human society.
 Surely, William Wilberforce will be turning in his grave by now. Having spearheaded the abolition of slavery some decades ago, the man will be wondering why that word is creeping back into our lexicon. North Korean leaders have a duty to pacify Wilberforce by liberating its citizens from starvation.  



  1. And I couldn’t believe Sawyer went in their and did her sympathetic fluff piece on North Korea.

  2. sorry, there not their. I type too fast for my own good.

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