Cameron is right

Like a diamond, children are a wonderful gift to any society. They are the future leaders of any country. Their welfare, therefore, is of paramount importance.

This, perhaps, explains the standpoint of Mr David Cameron, as reported in last weekend’s Financial Times, that the well-being of children and families was more important than wealth creation. 

 Surely, the British Conservatives’ leader knows that wealth creation is important. He knows that it puts food on the table of most people; that it enhances the quality of life of individuals. Without it, nations will not meet their financial, foreign, and other obligations.  

But, he also realises that when wealth is lost, as an old adage put it, nothing is lost. But when character is lost, all is lost. This point is brought home when we recall that the main character of an individual is moulded at infancy and in the family. 

The family is the microcosm of a society. The criminal tendencies in most of our youths today are largely attributable to the loss in family values. Of what use is wealth when armed robbers, raised from dissonant families, will not allow you to enjoy it.  Even some of those who have made that wealth had confessed that it did not give them happiness. Two of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, have given most of their acquisitions to charity. This is because they know that they cannot leave this world with their wealth.  Ultimately, children are the hope of any nation. When that hope is lost, the future is lost.       


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    toks ogunbiyi Says:

    Cameron will show his deceptive smile and say any convenient thing in order to gain the trust of a beleaguered nation desperate due to the credit crunch.

    In the end what is his political philosophy and what moral authority does he possess?

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