US and black power delusion

The United States of America is a nation living in delusion. Its citizens erroneously see the country as the defender of freedom and democracy in the world. Today, some analysts want its black citizens to believe that they are gaining more political power.  The main thrust of this illusion, as reported in last week’s The Economist, is the emergence of a black American, Mr Barack Obama, as a presidential aspirant in the Democratic Party. The rising number of black political appointees is also seen as an evidence of this so-called black power. 

The question is, does a mere declaration of interest in the presidential race by one black man presuppose that the race is gaining more power?  A few years ago, Americans played up the same illusion when the black civil rights leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson, contested for the presidency. But he did not even win the primaries.

Even the celebrated Obama does not have as much support among blacks as Mrs Hilary Clinton. A Washington Post/ABC News recent poll reportedly put Clinton’s support at 60 per cent and Obama’s at 20 per cent. So, how does this support the black-power argument?  As for black political appointees, it is a fact that an appointee is as powerful as his master wishes him to be. President George Bush can wake up tomorrow and decide to sack his black ministers. Where then will their power lie if this happens? Black Americans should not be distracted. They should discountenance the recourse to label people by the colour of their skin. They should pursue noble ideals and aim at distinguishing themselves in all endeavours.  


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